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Controller Training Centre

Welcome to the Controller Training Centre of IVAO Kuwait


How it works





Three disciplines exist in Air Traffic Control: Aerodrome, Approach and Area.

- Aerodrome controllers manage traffic on the ground and in the immediate vicinity of an airport.
- Approach controllers manage traffic arriving and departing at those airports.
- Area controllers manage traffic flying enroute, away from airfields.

In reality, these positions are manned by separate controllers. On IVAO, however, they are often combined under the services of a single controller which can make opening an Approach or Area sector extremely challenging.



Training Location


The Aerodrome, Approach Radar and Area training takes place at Kuwait International Airport (OKBK) as it is the only civilian airport in Kuwait.

After completing the theoretical and practical lessons you may control, under the supervision of your instructor, at OKBK.



 A number of qualified instructors are available at the division. You can request training by emailing the Training Coordinator/Training Assistant Coordinator at the division.

You can find contact information for them at the KW division staff list page


Training Material

 You can find training material at the IVAO Training Documents pages.


Practical Training

 Practical Training can be scheduled by contacting the Training Coordinators (see Instructors above for contact info)