Kuwait Division

International Virtual Aviation Organization

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General Guidelines


The purpose of this document is to ensure that quality service is provided at all times in KW airspace, and also so that a controller will never find himself submerged, and unable to cope.

It is mandatory for all IVAO members controlling a KW position to follow these guidelines. Users who do not comply may be asked to close their position.

The Guidelines

Active controllers should be able to use all functions of IvAc, and have read the manual thoroughly.
All controllers must maintain their ATIS with the following information:

  • Position name (Full name, not ICAO code. e.g. 'Kuwait Approach', not OKBK_APP)
  • Voice channel (if applicable)
  • Weather / runway information / TA/TL (if applicable)
  • No unnecessary remarks in the remarks section (e.g. do not put "Welcome to Kuwait" or anything like that in the ATIS remark, this minimises clutter on the pilot's IVAP when displaying the ATIS)

The language used for aviation in the KW is English and must be used at all times.
All controllers must use standard KW phraseology at all times.
When available, controllers should read and understand the appropriate airport/sector procedures before logging in. If you should have any doubts please don't hesitate to contact the KW-AOC.
Controllers are required to have all applicable charts available while on duty (In Kuwait, OKBK is the only civil airport, but APP and CTR should be at least familiar with the basic info about the military bases, like the runways, in case of military traffic).
Controllers must make proper use of all data tag labels (F5 = cleared waypoint, F7 = cleared speed, and F8 = cleared altitude) at all times.
In addition to the above controllers are required to meet the requirements set out in the position SOPs.

Visiting controllers

The Kuwaiti Division is participating in the GCA programme according to R & R 5.1.7.

Any non-KW division member who wants to control a FRA restricted position in the KW Division has to apply for an approval.

For an approval at least the following requirements apply: The user shall be able to perform ATC duties in English language. The user must have knowledge of the LOA of the position requested if any.

The user must have knowledge of the general procedures applied in the Division.

A theoretical and/or practical check may be performed.

The behavior of the user, especially in respect to other users, must be in accordance with IVAO and Division spirits.

The GCA will be shown in the user's profile. It is shown by division, however if Division HQ allows controlling only on certain FRA positions, the member has to adhere to such restrictions.

Member awarded KW-DIV GCA approval must spend at least half of the online time as ATC in their own division. Minimums may be set for controlling time in KW-DIV by GCA controllers subject to changing ATC occupancy in the KW FIR.

(Member Online history will be checked by KW-HQ)

The GCA can be withdrawn at any time by Division HQ if the requirements are not met any more.

Requests for GCA in Kuwait can be submitted via the GCA Request Form