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Pilot Training Centre

Welcome to the Pilot Training Centre of IVAO Kuwait


How it works





In reality flight training is a long multi-layered process starting with very basic handling skills in something like a Piper Warrior or Cessna 152 and gradually moving up towards more complex aircraft such as light twins (Piper Seneca) and eventually multi crew transport aircraft like the Bombardier Q400, Airbus A320 and even Boeing 777.
We strongly advice you to start with light aircrafts first to learn the basics then move on graudally.

On IVAO the progression is broken down into four major steps:

  • Flight Student- for a basic introduction to aviation and the theory required to operate as a pilot
  • Private Pilot - for operations in Single-Eingine aircraft in visual conditions
  • Senior Private Pilot - for operations in Multi-Engine aircraft in instrument conditions (Note: the UK division referres to level as the Instrument Rating)
  • Commercial Pilot - for operations in a commercial enviroment flying multi-pilot transport aircraft
All IVAO Pilot ratings are completely optional and there are no restricions for only flying on a Flight Student rating which is automatically assigned to all members who have chosen 'Pilot' in their profile. However, learning the necesary basic knowledge will ensure your enjoyment and better coordination with others on-online.


Training Location


The training takes place mostly at Kuwait International Airport (OKBK) as it is the only civilian airport in Kuwait. For PP practicals, a nearby base will be chosen for the flight in most cases.


 A number of qualified instructors are available at the division. You can request training by emailing the Training Coordinator/Training Assistant Coordinator at the division.

You can find contact information for them at the KW division staff list page


Training Material

 You can find training material at the IVAO Training Documents pages.


Practical Training

 Practical Training can be scheduled by contacting the Training Coordinators (see Instructors above for contact info)

 Practical Pilot training is offered for IVAO pilots who are preparing their PP or above exams and are available to pass it in the next 30 days following their request. It is also assumed that the candidate for the training has already passed succesfully the theorical exams of the related rating.

KW Training coordinators are always available for any inquiries or questions. You can submit your inquiries via the KW Division sub-forum on IVAO forums or by emailing the training coordinators directly (see staff page for emails).

General training slots are currently made available every Saturday between 10z-12z. If you find a KW training coordinator online feel free to contact them via ivap/ivac chat for any inquiries.